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Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

In the Hawaiian language Lomi means massage. It is a traditional healing art that native Hawaiians have practiced and evolved over hundreds of years. It is believed that in the ancient temples of Hawaii, the Kahuna (Hawaiian Shaman) practiced this unique lineage of massage.

What is Lomi?

Lomi is a spiritual, meditative Hawaiian massage that brings in the spirit of Aloha. In the Hawaiian language Aloha means love, peace, affection and compassion. It is deeply nurturing and transformative and aligns the body, mind and spirit. Lomi is a ceremonial rite of passage that facilitates one's spiritual journey.

Lomi incorporates long flowing strokes using the forearms and hands. The massage strokes flow from feet to shoulders and back, creating an all encompassing nurturing feeling. The practitioner uses pressure ranging from light to deep tailoring it to each client's needs.

You may experience an emotional release during your session; such as crying, laughing, joy and sadness. The room is heated to a comfortable 80 degrees in order to ensure the client's warmth. A towel is used to drape the client in such a way to allow for fluid, consistent movement from head to toe. Draping the breasts is optional. Everything is tailored to each clients' individual needs from draping to pressure.

Preparation for your session

Creating space for yourself before a session is a very important component of receiving a Lomi. The day before your treatment, make sure you have a quiet night to yourself. You may use this time to journal, create an intention for your session and look within. The clearer your intention, the more powerful the result. For example, you may journal about what old belief systems you are ready to let go of.

After your session

You may experience more energy, vivid dreams, deep restful sleep and mental clarity. You may feel different emotions as well. It's important to understand that whatever may arise as a result of experiencing a Lomi is part of your healing process. You may want to look more closely at whatever comes up for you in a session. Even sore parts of your body are indications of something going on in different areas of your life.
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