Waxing Services

We offer a wide range of waxing services with any of our experienced medical estheticians. We also offer packages for multiple areas. Waxing is done by appointment only.


[Results may vary]
  • Panty Line
  • Thong Line
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini & Buttocks
  • Stomach
  • Small of back
  • Upper back
  • Whole back
  • Chest
  • Lip or Chin
  • Brows
  • Full Face
  • Full Arm
  • Underarm
  • Half Arm
  • Half Leg
  • Full Leg

Waxing Aftercare

  • Recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpigmentation(darkening of the skin), so avoid the sun immediately after waxing or be sure to wear a sun screen
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for the first 10 hours after waxing
  • Avoid showers and sexual activity for the first 10 hours after waxing
  • Avoid tight clothing directly after waxing because it may cause discomfort or ingrown hairs
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools or other heated sources for at least 48 hours after waxing
  • No exfoliating products can be used for at least 24 hours after waxing (No scrubs, loofas, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Waxing & Shaving?
Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots, whereas shaving only removes it from the skin’s surface. Over time, areas that have been repeatedly waxed tend to grow back with lighter hair and less hair.

Is Waxing For Everyone?
Waxing is for male and female, old and young. Some physicians don’t recommend waxing for anyone with diabetes, varicose veins and poor circulation because they are more susceptible to get an infection. Please inform your medical esthetician if you are on any medication or have any allergies.

How Long Should Hair Be For A Bikini Wax?
Ideally, you want your hair to be from half a centimetre to one centimetre in length. Anything longer than that may need to be trimmed prior to waxing.

How Long Does The Wax Last?
Results can vary depending on the client and the area waxed. Anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks is the typical re-growth rate.

Is There Any Pain?
Pain tolerance varies by client, and the more times you wax, the less painful it becomes. Clients may feel a stinging sensation while the waxing is going on. Leaving the appointment you will no longer have any pain. Clients with a low pain tolerance can take an Aspirin or Ibuprofen 15-30 minutes prior to the appointment.

Is There An Age Restriction For Waxing?
There is no age restriction, but clients under 18 years old are required to come with their parent/guardian on the first visit to consent to the treatment.
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