Nail Services

Be Safe from infection: only use pipeless pedicure systems with disposeable liners.
We offer nail services in a private, one-on-one room, done by one of our medical estheticians. Our pedicure chairs are all pipeless pedicure chairs used with disposable liners. Old fashioned pedicure chairs have underwater jets that are next to impossible to ensure total sanitization. Using pipeless pedicure chairs is a way to insure 100% sanitization for each client. Nail services are by appointment only.


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Mani/Pedi Combo
  • Polish Removal
  • French Tip
  • Hands Polish Change
  • Feet Polish Change

We use OPI Vinylux and Shellac Polish. Vinylux colours are exactly the same as Shellac ensuring a perfect match for non shellac toes and shellac finger nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Health Benefits To Getting Your Nails Done?
Getting regular pedicures have many health benefits. They help to improve circulation in lower legs and the feet. Removing dry skin and moisturizing the feet are essential to avoiding infections and calluses. The massage during your pedicure helps to alleviate some of the stress put on your feet every day. Chronic foot pain affects every area of your body because it can lead to back pain, headaches and bad posture.

Can I Get My Nails Done While I’m Pregnant?
Manicures and pedicures are safe for pregnant women. Aside from feeling pretty, it will help with circulation and stress reduction.

Who Should Get Their Nails Done?
Males and females of any age are welcome to get their nails done. People who have open wounds on the hand, broken bones, warts, or infections should not get their nails done.

What Is The Difference Between Gel/Shellac Polish And Regular Nail Polish?
Gel/Shellac polish typically lasts 2+ weeks without any chipping, whereas regular nail polish lasts an average of 1 week without chipping. Once your esthetician finishes your appointment and your gel polish is on, you’re good to go with no down time. You don't need to worry about denting or scratching your freshly done nails. Gel nail polish is applied in a similar way to regular nail polish, but the removal process is different. Removing gel polish on your own can damage your nails.
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